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Accessibility = Disconnectivity

I tell my good friends that whenever they learn that I just wrote a new entry on my blog, it’s usually a bad sign. Bad in the sense that, I’m depressed and I can’t find anyone (any of them friend for that matter) to talk to, that is why I just choose to write. They’re all busy with their own lives I suppose, as I am with mine.

But this time, that’s just partly true. I can’t find anyone to talk to right now but I’m not sad. Neither sad nor happy, just my normal self.

Communication has changed a lot. I remember several years ago, maybe in 2000-2008(?), I get annoyed by friends who send me tons of forwarded messages, quotes, jokes, “chain” texts and all. I thought it was really thoughtless of them. But now, or just a couple of years back, with the advent of mobile internet and social media, my friends rarely send me any form of message at all. Fact is if you browse my cellphone right now, you would see it’s 85% work–related, 14% about my bills notifications and condo sellers. Just 1% are personal messages-usually from family, who ask me to buy things from the supermarket, or relatives who inform me they, or their wives gave birth.

E-mails these days are just mainly for work. I bet no two friends are using their emails right now to communicate with each other. Personal emails are now just for 1) verification of your registration to social networks and apps; 2) additional storage for some of your old digital photos and files (mostly top secret files, yes?); 3) ebooks you bought from an instagram seller for P5.00. Other than those I can’t think of any other use for emails. Maybe to send out resumes. Mark this an X when trying to reach a friend.

Messengers? Who uses messengers? Ahhhhhh… I know . Usually messenger users are not friends. It can be a “court” scene, hehe. Or just young couples flirting with each other.

Internet-based sms are the same as regular sms. If friends won’t spend a single peso to text you, they won’t bother to viber you or imessage you. But I guess they’ll call 😉

Video call. Ah, finally something that’s still used today thanks to Skype and Facetime. Not widely used, but it’s one form of communication that has substance. Sometimes when friends videocall me and my father sees me talking to someone, my father always assumes it’s an overseas call, and I couldn’t convince him otherwise. I love it when I get videocalls. It’s really sweet.

Recently I read about a blog of someone who just deleted his facebook account. I want to do it too if not for older relatives who communicate with me there. I’m seeing a huge shift in our social landscape lately. If I am right, this shift will be more beneficial to us than we think. Evolution has caught up with time. And the way we communicate has evolved so fast that we choose not to communicate at all. At least not to people we are very very close with.

My obvious conclusion: The more accessible social platforms become, the less we become sociable. The more covenient it is to communicate, the less often we do.

The route I have to take: (TRY to) lessen my online social presence, and invest more on physical presence. Who wants pizza? 😉