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How to prepare for Doomsday

I want to share this to you because this could be the most substantive piece of writing I could ever draft.

I watch this show on National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. It’s about individuals, families or groups preparing for a catastrophic event- like solar flare, nuclear warfare, economic meltdown, widespread deadly viral infection, power outage, and the likes- leading to the dreaded doomsday event. These people show how they plan to survive the events, how they store food that will last a long time, to defend their properties and themselves when chaos – expected in the duration of doomsday- strikes.

I find this educational at one point. They teach you how to preserve food in jars, and to extend the life of grains for example, by filling a sack with nitrogen so that oxygen (the culprit for oxidation and decay) will be expelled. Someone showed how powdered charcaol can be placed between layers of face masks to filter the toxic air. Who knew you could also make your own medicine from simple kitchen ingredients.

In another, this is a reality that’s going to happen very soon.

It’s amusing how even in the midst of a doomsday warning, like this year’s Mayan prophecy, most people don’t seem to care. People are either so prepared, or simply brushing this off as just another prophetic failure.

I’m not saying that the Mayan prophecy is true. In fact, I believe in the end times as prophesied in the Bible, not the Mayans. It could be tomorrow, any second now, a year from now, 10, 20, or a thousand years from now. One thing is SURE: it will be VERY SOON. And this message is asking us to prepare EVERY moment of our lives.

Should we then start to pile food in our storage barns? Should we flee to the mountains and occupy the caves? Should we start to arm ourselves with weapons? The answer to these questions is NO. The only way we could ever prepare for all disasters that is to come as signs of the coming of our Lord, is to hold firm to Jesus, grow in His knowledge, and have a faith that cannot be moved.

We have all been warned in advance of what is about to come, for it will. It is inevitable. It must happen. Let’s not put this warning aside, and let us all prepare spiritually by worshipping the Lord God, through Jesus Christ, asking for His mercy and grace every single moment of our lives as the final day come. This is not something to dread. For we will see Jesus face to face and we will be with Him in heaven for all eternity.