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Bananaque and Chivalrarity

I love the sound of typing on a keyboard. But for some reason, if I just pretend to be typing it doesn’t seem to have the same therapeutic effect on me. I’m guessing it’s the pauses – or the lack of the sound of a backspace when deleting a word or the whole sentence. It’s different. I’m weird, and I know that already. But writing this is not about keyboard-sound-therapy (KST if you must). This is about something so rare I happened to witness happening all in one day:

So the other day on the way to work, I came across a guy in business clothes who went off his way to help a little old lady (in her late 60’s I’m guessing) carry a heavy bunch of banana for banana Q’s (also guessing, but it looks like it). I didn’t see the whole thing happen but I just know that this guy asked the old lady where she’s heading, maybe seeing that the bulky bunch of bananas were weighing her down.

This is remarkable for me because, one, everyone knows this is a rare happenstance. Two, this guy doesn’t seem to care if his business clothes get stained from banana sap (not entirely a big deal, but this could potentially sabotage his looks if he happen to have a presentation that day, imagine what banana sap can do. Hehe!) Three, this guy doesn’t seem to care if he’s about to be late for work. I’m certain telling your boss that you helped an old lady carry a bunch of banana is like telling a teacher your dog ate your homework!

All that happening in just about 15 seconds. Remarkable. I smiled to the guy when he saw me then I quickly walked away and never looked back upon realizing how awkward that was. Haha! (Okay just in case you missed it, I smiled to the guy to applaud him.)

I began to think if I could have done the same had I seen that old lady first. I told myself I would have, but quick flashes in my mind about so many opportunities to help others have passed without me doing anything. Helping others must not be selective. Helping is a character not a verb.

I thought that banana guy was enough chivalry for the day. On the way home, while on a bus, one guy gave his seat to an elderly woman. Clap clap clap! I told myself, I’ll blog about this! Chivalry ain’t dead!

After getting off the bus and while walking home, another guy in front of me was eating a sandwich. Unexpectedly, he turned to a corner and I thought the guy was about to take a leak. Instead he pulled out a tiny piece of candy (maybe gum?) wrapper and threw it in a trash bag in front of a house. Clap clap clap! This is a huge score for the gentlemen, yes?

My only question is: Did the banana guy get a free banana Q?