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I missed posting for july

Tsk. I don’t know if I was just really busy but, hmmm… I know there could’ve been a good story to tell last month.

Right now I’m still getting back to my old rhythm. There is after all a life to live and to love. July, sorry you passed by unnoticed and so fast. 


Cynthia Alexander: A True and Rare Artist

A few weeks before, I was spell-singing “Insomnia” constantly in my head. Seeing the news then of Cynthia Alexander leaving the country was unexpected. I haven’t been hearing her on the radio since maybe 10 years, but there’s still familiarity with her tunes and instruments.

I didn’t plan on going to any of her send-off gigs so it was suddenly a brilliant idea when I got invited by my ex-roomie friend, Allan, to catch her gig at 70’s Bistro. I brought my videocam to work so I can record her later that night. My videocam was adequately charged but I don’t know why I decided to charge it in the office, only to be forgotten there.  I came with my low resolution phone – taking pictures and video was nearly not option.

When we arrived outside the bar, it wasn’t only that there was a long queue, there were no tickets being sold. Allan’s friend, who was already inside, managed to get us in. As expected, it was a crowded house.

Cynthia Alexander is a true artist. Her following is not so huge, but I think it’s also what makes her valuable, her not being mainstream.  Other singers/songwriters respect her and learn from her. When she performed, you can sense her working in harmony with fellow artists on stage because she kept smiling and nodding at each of them. Her set that night was packed compared to her other gigs, so you can call it a music fest in itself. It was an unbelievable arrangement that required hard work and trues of talents to put up. To me it wasn’t only music to the ears, it was also music for the soul and the patriot inside of me.

That girl from the past

A few nights ago I dreamed about this girl from the past: She was on a bus and I saw her like she was the only passenger there. She looked very sad, almost crying. I approached her and asked if the seat next to her was taken. She shook her head and I took it as a sign she’s allowing me to sit next to her. We didn’t talk. I barely moved. At that moment all that ever mattered was she was beside me. The bus moves.

Of course I knew she belonged to someone else. I couldn’t make any move. I’d so badly wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight. Not possible… But then she fell asleep. She fell asleep on my narrow, bony shoulders. The highway suddenly became bumpy. She struggled to stay on my narrow shoulders. She almost fell. Instinctively, I caught her head, and I held it safe on my shoulders. It seemed to be a long ride.

Suddenly without opening her eyes, she appeared to have woken up…then she kissed me. And I felt her pain.

The dream skipped to something else. When I woke up, my heart felt so heavy. I missed her. But this is not right. I’ve just got over her several weeks ago. I can’t let this feeling affect me like this. Not because of this just one dream.

It has been three days. I am scared that my feelings are starting to grow back… Just because of this one dream.

It’s just a dream. I’ll give it another week – I NEED TO GET MY LIFE BACK ON TRACK.

Why you don’t need a wifi camera

Overheard my officemates a few lunches ago talking about a 14MP wifi camera from Samsung.

Ah, err, well, if I’m not mistaken the wifi camera existed even earlier than 2010. It’s not “new” technology. But what I really what to point to out is, unless you’re allergic to wires and cables, you don’t need one.

The wifi camera won’t let you browse the web on itself. What it does is limited to:

1. Instant uploading of photos/videos to your social networks. (What’s the emergency? And do you even have enough battery to do so)
2. Wireless transfer of photos/videos (When you’re already at home/office, everything you need is already there. It might be the only exercise you have left. Go find that cable!)
3. Using your iPhone as wireless shutter for your camera, depends on brand and availability of the ios app. (Err, there’s also something called a timer, so just hold that smile a little longer and count with me. 1..2..3!)

That’s it. I hope I’ve saved you a few thousand pesos, until the wifi in a wifi camera finally makes practical sense.

The List

Whatever it is that I am about to write down now, I would have finished it a few hours ago had I not been too lazy to sit in front of my pc and start writing, or had I got hold of my ipad earlier tonight (it’s Jopoy’s – my nephew’s- turn on the ipad because I bring it to work).

Ever since we’ve moved in to this new apartment and finished unpacking the clutter we brought in, I’ve started to feel at home. Now we (the four of us in the house) have enough space from each other that we can run to a little corner in the house where we can do our own thing.

We’re using broadband sticks now for our internet, the signal can get really really weak making it almost impossible to load a youtube video, and my messenger signs out every few seconds. The owner of the apartment does not allow additional wirings in the building so I’m still figuring out how I can transfer my broadband cable here.

I did not realize that deprivation to the internet and my ipad actually makes wonders. The other night, in my corner of the house, I began listening to the radio to my ear’s content, soundtripping like a hippie. I missed R&B Sundays! (The way I do it is I turn the lights off and I let that LED indicator of the radio/speaker lit up the room. I think of nothing. I just listen and appreciate every beat, yes, even the beat of commercials. The last time I did that was back in college dorm days. Ooooh that was one point I felt like I have all the time in the world. Laidback, stress-free and free!)

On the weekend I got to watch the shows that I want, and felt real use for the remote control. It was only then that I fully appreciated this TV that I bought! And tonight, oh, I got to read the magazine I bought a month ago while listening to the radio (ahem, Boysnightout)! That’s a feat!

I feel like regaining time in my hands now. My life is getting usefully quiet. Time to plan and prepare for what’s ahead. Time to work on my self-improvement list!


Past half the month of May, I need to post something.

This one is about liberation. I have been living in a dream the past several months (almost a year in fact) after a breakup. Been clinging to the past and never letting go…

Sometimes you just have to do something drastic, something almost forbidden, to get an answer. Sometimes you won’t find closure.  You have to make it. When you do, you will find peace. When there is peace, your mind becomes clear (or clearer).

I am happier now. My heart and mind is single again. Some people say the heart (that which is capable of loving) can overcome the mind, while some say the heart is inside your mind. Then it can be true that the mind can overcome itself. Hehe. Crazy?

No. Love is never crazy. Smile. For I am ready to love someone else =)


Contrary to when I usually blog about things, I’m not bored nor do I find myself facing a wall. Fact is I feel so energetic, (got up earlier than my dad who usually wakes up at 5am) I want to do so much today. I was even thinking of applying for a driver’s license but the thought of government agencies made me think thrice. The last thing I want to do is ruin this mental celebration of my 30th year.

I am on vacation leave today. I never told the family that, so we got to celebrate my birthday yesterday-with simple lunch and a cake. That’s how I want it: nothing serious, no hype, just an ordinary day. No overgreetings from friends, and no greetings from non-friends. I hope my restriction to not show my birthday on facebook worked. I don’t want random greets. I would rather have one heartfelt greeting from a friend than a thousand random wall posts from people I barely know.

And look at that, I am blogging on the ipad at 6am haha! I just woke up from the floor. Not that I was drinking last night and fell off. This was where I chose to sleep. It’s really nice to be grounded (literally and otherwise).

So today is April 30. I have several things to tell you. One of them is that I am grateful for this life and the elements of it that makes it worth living!