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I missed posting for july

Tsk. I don’t know if I was just really busy but, hmmm… I know there could’ve been a good story to tell last month.

Right now I’m still getting back to my old rhythm. There is after all a life to live and to love. July, sorry you passed by unnoticed and so fast. 


That girl from the past

A few nights ago I dreamed about this girl from the past: She was on a bus and I saw her like she was the only passenger there. She looked very sad, almost crying. I approached her and asked if the seat next to her was taken. She shook her head and I took it as a sign she’s allowing me to sit next to her. We didn’t talk. I barely moved. At that moment all that ever mattered was she was beside me. The bus moves.

Of course I knew she belonged to someone else. I couldn’t make any move. I’d so badly wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight. Not possible… But then she fell asleep. She fell asleep on my narrow, bony shoulders. The highway suddenly became bumpy. She struggled to stay on my narrow shoulders. She almost fell. Instinctively, I caught her head, and I held it safe on my shoulders. It seemed to be a long ride.

Suddenly without opening her eyes, she appeared to have woken up…then she kissed me. And I felt her pain.

The dream skipped to something else. When I woke up, my heart felt so heavy. I missed her. But this is not right. I’ve just got over her several weeks ago. I can’t let this feeling affect me like this. Not because of this just one dream.

It has been three days. I am scared that my feelings are starting to grow back… Just because of this one dream.

It’s just a dream. I’ll give it another week – I NEED TO GET MY LIFE BACK ON TRACK.


Past half the month of May, I need to post something.

This one is about liberation. I have been living in a dream the past several months (almost a year in fact) after a breakup. Been clinging to the past and never letting go…

Sometimes you just have to do something drastic, something almost forbidden, to get an answer. Sometimes you won’t find closure.  You have to make it. When you do, you will find peace. When there is peace, your mind becomes clear (or clearer).

I am happier now. My heart and mind is single again. Some people say the heart (that which is capable of loving) can overcome the mind, while some say the heart is inside your mind. Then it can be true that the mind can overcome itself. Hehe. Crazy?

No. Love is never crazy. Smile. For I am ready to love someone else =)

I Found Me on followgram.me – Nice!


All About the French

In a French cultural seminar I attended I asked the speaker if they have French Fries in France.

The speaker said,”No, they don’t.” With a grin I said, “Oh, it’s just fries then?”

“No. They have chips.”

Happy 2012!! Good Vibes!!


I just realized that I missed a few topics that I should’ve written about:

1. My trip to Hongkong with a few special friends (end of Nov 2011) – a piece on how to travel on a budget!

2. My solitary Christmas (2011)

3. My New Year’s Life Map (2012)

If I blog for a living, I think I’ll starve. Maybe I’ll write later with a piece on “What you should not feel at 30” hehe..

Drop by soon! Mwah!