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Pork and Love

I lost count. But I feel like I have been “biologically purged” from pork for about two months now.

Unless it was masked as otherwise, I haven’t eaten, not nearly even touched, pork since that day my system refused to take it in. Of the many porkies I love, I would never imagine living without bacon, chicharon, ma ling luncheon meat, and lechong kawali! Now I detest them. I’m not even enticed by the smell of seared bacon anymore. I don’t turn my head when I hear the crackling sound of crunchy chicharon. This happened not by choice. I loved pork. Lechong kawali was my favorite.

I don’t really know (too lazy to google), if there’s a health benefit I can get from this. I don’t feel my body getting lighter. I’m not gaining muscles. The only thing that changed was that now I get embarrassed when friends or colleague serve pork, and I refuse to eat it. I get asked if I changed religion. But most of the time I get teased of being on a diet. No. This is not about religion and diet. Yes, this is something I can’t explain.

I still eat beef. But if my system will start to not take it, I think I can still survive. There’s still chicken. And fish. And paper. And vegetables. (Haha! Yes that’s the order).

I don’t miss pork. But I miss love. (Okay, dear reader, I was waiting for you to vomit so there’s your cue.)

Sometimes I wish that love was like my pork appetite. It just shuts down on its own. But I’m thankful that it’s not. Because I would never have the idea how to bring my appetite back, nor would I’d find a good reason to do so.


Okay so maybe I need a sign

Make that three signs.

I don’t believe in signs (because signs are what you make out of any thing or event). But I just have to believe in something…something that can be seen or felt. Just for a certain period of time before I completely surrender all hope to recover.

It’s not easy reprogramming the mind. The software remains even if the hardware was removed. Well, it’s not even a software anymore. A malware perhaps?

First, whatever it takes, get rid of the malware.

Second, overwrite. This is actually the best, if not the only way, to get rid of the malware.

Third, install a tough antivirus. And always update 😉

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” – Google

Holding My Tongue

Wanted: Lady Bedspacer

Globe, you broke my heart

You kind of have a monopoly here, Globe. This isn’t like Starbucks wherein, if I wasn’t satisfied with the service or the price of their coffee, I could just walk away and run to Gloria Jean’s instead, and still serve that almost same amount gratification. Sure I could buy an iPhone from local online sellers. There are lots of them here. And they’re even cheaper. But here’s why I chose Globe:

  1. For some weird reason it’s the only network that emits signal this part of Pasig. So that leaves me without choice.
  2. If I buy a unit locally, let’s say, a 16gig iphone 4s for P30K, I’d still have to subscribe to a data plan. The cheapest of which is a Plan P999. So, with a little math, taking into consideration a 2-year span I would have to spend:

P30,000 – handset
P23,976 – unlimited data plan (that’s P999 x 24 months)
Total = P53,976

This doesn’t even include prepaid load expenses (P300x 24 months = P7200, which should give me a grand total of P61,176)

Whereas, Globe offering its hmmm….mid-range price for the 16gig handset:

P1799 x 24 months = P43,176
Cashout = P4800
Total = P47,976 (this includes consumable load of P800, plus useful freebies)

POTENTIAL SAVINGS in 2 years: P13,200 (plus you get to call your loved ones every time!)

You can do the same math with SMART but Globe will still turn out to be cheaper by a few thousand bucks. So what did I just prove here? It proves that, for a practical guy like me, I’d choose only the best offer.  So this is why I’m a bit of a Globe slave. I am not rich. The very few pesos I can save mean a lot.

So why an iPhone? I could have availed of the cheaper Nokia phones. A blackberry could have been cheaper and also in style. But I’m just a big Apple fan. I have used an iMac G3 and an iMac G4 (before intel came). I’ve used a macmini, and always crave for a macbook pro. I owned a first generation iPad before it launched in the Philippines. I’m just a sucker for anything Apple.

Here’s when you broke my heart, Globe. When I applied for the Globe handset online on Dec. 22, 2011 (hey that was still last year!), I was only contacted January 7. But I was still hopeful and excited. On January 10, I received a call saying that my handset was ready and that it will be delivered on January 14. But when that day came, I received a call from Globe saying, they won’t be delivering the phone because I was scheduled for a 3rd week delivery. I couldn’t wait. I followed up every day since. And just today, I was told by Globe that they don’t have an inkling when my phone will be delivered.

To sum up, that’s from a 2nd week delivery to 3rd week delivery to “we can’t say when” delivery. C’mon Globe. You can do better than that.

I understand that there is low or no supply and there is high demand. I could imagine the chaos caused by people like me who would insist that you deliver. But understand too, that when you can’t deliver, you break a heart.

…but after all is said and done, I would still be waiting. Helplessly. But hoping—to no longer be a slave.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

Oh yes you can. 😉

I came across this video over youtube trends and I was amazed at the creativity of this group in using solely a guitar for this music. But more than that, I got introduced to a new genre of song (perhaps reminiscent of Sting and the Police?).  Here’s a cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know.

And here’s the original version. I love them both. Gotye is artistic at best.

Hope you had fun listening and watching =). And don’t make me start on the lyrics 😉 

Do you have to let it linger?

The thing is I shouldn’t just appear to be okay. I have to be okay inside.

I know that it’s too early to measure the progress I’m making in moving on. That I had to write about this again shows that something in me still, ahm…, tingles, for lack of a better term.

I think that’s the problem in having been in a relationship. You kind of get used to it. You look for that comfort you once felt with another person. Someone who has been so reassuring, so caring, so sweet (sweetest when you quarrel about petty things then quickly make up). I miss every single thing.

However, it is much too important to note that you should never “linger” in the past. That’s from the Holy Book.

v. intr

1. To be slow in leaving, especially out of reluctance.

I had to look it up. And seeing it defined as something related to speed, i.e. slow, I know I should pick up the pace. Having it defined that way also explains why it’s difficult to move on: Reluctance (exhibiting or marked by unwillingness). So choose to move on and be willing to.

I’ll keep this short 😉