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How to prepare for Doomsday

I want to share this to you because this could be the most substantive piece of writing I could ever draft.

I watch this show on National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. It’s about individuals, families or groups preparing for a catastrophic event- like solar flare, nuclear warfare, economic meltdown, widespread deadly viral infection, power outage, and the likes- leading to the dreaded doomsday event. These people show how they plan to survive the events, how they store food that will last a long time, to defend their properties and themselves when chaos – expected in the duration of doomsday- strikes.

I find this educational at one point. They teach you how to preserve food in jars, and to extend the life of grains for example, by filling a sack with nitrogen so that oxygen (the culprit for oxidation and decay) will be expelled. Someone showed how powdered charcaol can be placed between layers of face masks to filter the toxic air. Who knew you could also make your own medicine from simple kitchen ingredients.

In another, this is a reality that’s going to happen very soon.

It’s amusing how even in the midst of a doomsday warning, like this year’s Mayan prophecy, most people don’t seem to care. People are either so prepared, or simply brushing this off as just another prophetic failure.

I’m not saying that the Mayan prophecy is true. In fact, I believe in the end times as prophesied in the Bible, not the Mayans. It could be tomorrow, any second now, a year from now, 10, 20, or a thousand years from now. One thing is SURE: it will be VERY SOON. And this message is asking us to prepare EVERY moment of our lives.

Should we then start to pile food in our storage barns? Should we flee to the mountains and occupy the caves? Should we start to arm ourselves with weapons? The answer to these questions is NO. The only way we could ever prepare for all disasters that is to come as signs of the coming of our Lord, is to hold firm to Jesus, grow in His knowledge, and have a faith that cannot be moved.

We have all been warned in advance of what is about to come, for it will. It is inevitable. It must happen. Let’s not put this warning aside, and let us all prepare spiritually by worshipping the Lord God, through Jesus Christ, asking for His mercy and grace every single moment of our lives as the final day come. This is not something to dread. For we will see Jesus face to face and we will be with Him in heaven for all eternity.


Prolonging the Weekend

I knew that that afternoon caffeine fix would double my heartbeat by now and might even prevent me from rendering sleep. I drank it anyway – brewed it myself. As a consequence I am now forcing myself to drink several glasses of water.

Whether or not I drink coffee though (which some scientists say doesn’t really keep you from falling asleep) I have this End-of-the-Weekend syndrome wherein I tend to stay up longer the night before the first workday. It’s what I call making the most of time.

I gobble up the tech news on my Flipboard and even care to read repetitive articles on the same topic. I am addicted to tech news, particularly in gadget news, and whenever something I’ve never read pops out on the daily homepage (i.e. Yahoo), I go back to my aggregated news and wonder “how can I have missed that?” I hate being late with the news even if nothing socially relevant happens to me by being updated. The last thing on earth that could happen is find some girl addicted to the same news as me, and we come together and discover from each other what we already know. Hmmm…women are generally not of the techie kind so chance of that happening is absolutely nil.

I play on the iPad too, like a 7-year old boy who just played Playstation for the first time. I enjoy games on the device as much as I’d love to eat.

If not that, I’m usually just thinking – staring at something even if in the dark until I fall asleep. If I’m lucky, some of the things I thought about prior to sleeping are continued in the dream. It usually makes me a bit optimistic in the morning – until traffic comes in on the way to work.

Whatever it is that I do, as long as I exceed my usual sleeping time, I consider it time well-spent even if what I do is do nothing. The payoff is of course in the morning when I wake up feeling deprived from sleep and being late for work and making excuses to your boss.

I manage to write another entry for my primary reader: Me. This gives me a sense of accomplishment tonight. Time well-spent.

Bananaque and Chivalrarity

I love the sound of typing on a keyboard. But for some reason, if I just pretend to be typing it doesn’t seem to have the same therapeutic effect on me. I’m guessing it’s the pauses – or the lack of the sound of a backspace when deleting a word or the whole sentence. It’s different. I’m weird, and I know that already. But writing this is not about keyboard-sound-therapy (KST if you must). This is about something so rare I happened to witness happening all in one day:

So the other day on the way to work, I came across a guy in business clothes who went off his way to help a little old lady (in her late 60’s I’m guessing) carry a heavy bunch of banana for banana Q’s (also guessing, but it looks like it). I didn’t see the whole thing happen but I just know that this guy asked the old lady where she’s heading, maybe seeing that the bulky bunch of bananas were weighing her down.

This is remarkable for me because, one, everyone knows this is a rare happenstance. Two, this guy doesn’t seem to care if his business clothes get stained from banana sap (not entirely a big deal, but this could potentially sabotage his looks if he happen to have a presentation that day, imagine what banana sap can do. Hehe!) Three, this guy doesn’t seem to care if he’s about to be late for work. I’m certain telling your boss that you helped an old lady carry a bunch of banana is like telling a teacher your dog ate your homework!

All that happening in just about 15 seconds. Remarkable. I smiled to the guy when he saw me then I quickly walked away and never looked back upon realizing how awkward that was. Haha! (Okay just in case you missed it, I smiled to the guy to applaud him.)

I began to think if I could have done the same had I seen that old lady first. I told myself I would have, but quick flashes in my mind about so many opportunities to help others have passed without me doing anything. Helping others must not be selective. Helping is a character not a verb.

I thought that banana guy was enough chivalry for the day. On the way home, while on a bus, one guy gave his seat to an elderly woman. Clap clap clap! I told myself, I’ll blog about this! Chivalry ain’t dead!

After getting off the bus and while walking home, another guy in front of me was eating a sandwich. Unexpectedly, he turned to a corner and I thought the guy was about to take a leak. Instead he pulled out a tiny piece of candy (maybe gum?) wrapper and threw it in a trash bag in front of a house. Clap clap clap! This is a huge score for the gentlemen, yes?

My only question is: Did the banana guy get a free banana Q?

The List

Whatever it is that I am about to write down now, I would have finished it a few hours ago had I not been too lazy to sit in front of my pc and start writing, or had I got hold of my ipad earlier tonight (it’s Jopoy’s – my nephew’s- turn on the ipad because I bring it to work).

Ever since we’ve moved in to this new apartment and finished unpacking the clutter we brought in, I’ve started to feel at home. Now we (the four of us in the house) have enough space from each other that we can run to a little corner in the house where we can do our own thing.

We’re using broadband sticks now for our internet, the signal can get really really weak making it almost impossible to load a youtube video, and my messenger signs out every few seconds. The owner of the apartment does not allow additional wirings in the building so I’m still figuring out how I can transfer my broadband cable here.

I did not realize that deprivation to the internet and my ipad actually makes wonders. The other night, in my corner of the house, I began listening to the radio to my ear’s content, soundtripping like a hippie. I missed R&B Sundays! (The way I do it is I turn the lights off and I let that LED indicator of the radio/speaker lit up the room. I think of nothing. I just listen and appreciate every beat, yes, even the beat of commercials. The last time I did that was back in college dorm days. Ooooh that was one point I felt like I have all the time in the world. Laidback, stress-free and free!)

On the weekend I got to watch the shows that I want, and felt real use for the remote control. It was only then that I fully appreciated this TV that I bought! And tonight, oh, I got to read the magazine I bought a month ago while listening to the radio (ahem, Boysnightout)! That’s a feat!

I feel like regaining time in my hands now. My life is getting usefully quiet. Time to plan and prepare for what’s ahead. Time to work on my self-improvement list!


Contrary to when I usually blog about things, I’m not bored nor do I find myself facing a wall. Fact is I feel so energetic, (got up earlier than my dad who usually wakes up at 5am) I want to do so much today. I was even thinking of applying for a driver’s license but the thought of government agencies made me think thrice. The last thing I want to do is ruin this mental celebration of my 30th year.

I am on vacation leave today. I never told the family that, so we got to celebrate my birthday yesterday-with simple lunch and a cake. That’s how I want it: nothing serious, no hype, just an ordinary day. No overgreetings from friends, and no greetings from non-friends. I hope my restriction to not show my birthday on facebook worked. I don’t want random greets. I would rather have one heartfelt greeting from a friend than a thousand random wall posts from people I barely know.

And look at that, I am blogging on the ipad at 6am haha! I just woke up from the floor. Not that I was drinking last night and fell off. This was where I chose to sleep. It’s really nice to be grounded (literally and otherwise).

So today is April 30. I have several things to tell you. One of them is that I am grateful for this life and the elements of it that makes it worth living!

Legs and Mannequins

A few nights ago while walking through a  mall on my way home, I caught myself staring at the bare legs of a mannequin on a window display while pondering about my life. 

I will be turning 30 in a few days, and much like the day of my circumcision, the day I turned 21, the day I graduated from college, and my first payday, it’s an ordinary day and Earth will not stop to pay me tribute. Indeed. Don’t get me wrong. I feel blessed that I even reached this age. I’ve always felt I was going to die young so every single day I wake up is a day to be thankful to my Creator.

So many milestones in my life came in very late. For one, I started first grade when I was seven. Seven. Everyone else were  6, some barely 6. I held a brickgame device when I was in 6th grade when every kid on the block had them when we were in 2nd grade (the latter isn’t entirely a milestone, but you can just imagine how slowly I caught up with the world). I entered college a semester late and finished another semester late. I got a full-time job only a year after graduating from college. I had a girlfriend 3 months shy of my 29th birthday while almost everyone else I knew were either married and have 3 kids or were engaged to their 15th girlfriends. I am very late.

I wanted to catch up with the world, but I feel like I am running on a different time. If everyone else were running ahead of me, then there is no need to hurry. I’ll keep my own pace but I’ll stay in the race. It’s not about finishing first, it’s how you run the race. 

I don’t know how long I stared at the pair of wooden legs by the display window. But it was enough for me to realize everything will unfold in its time. Maybe when I pass by that window tomorrow, the mannequin will have had its skirt.

Okay so maybe I need a sign

Make that three signs.

I don’t believe in signs (because signs are what you make out of any thing or event). But I just have to believe in something…something that can be seen or felt. Just for a certain period of time before I completely surrender all hope to recover.

It’s not easy reprogramming the mind. The software remains even if the hardware was removed. Well, it’s not even a software anymore. A malware perhaps?

First, whatever it takes, get rid of the malware.

Second, overwrite. This is actually the best, if not the only way, to get rid of the malware.

Third, install a tough antivirus. And always update 😉

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” – Google