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Okay back to where I was

I’m writing this in front of my PC to lay out some of my plans.

To Do’s:

– Schedule my physical workouts (#1, Running, #2 Situps etc.)

– Plan a more thorough To Do list (means with deadly deadlines)

– Optimize the use of my ipad for self-improvement (I justified owning one because I was sure I was going to use it as an organizer and a Bible reader back then)

– Create a detailed personal program to pay all debts (excluding SSS loan hehe) by the end of 2011 amounting to about, yep I’ll say it, Pxx,xxx.

– Start saving up

– Reconnect with friends

– Learn Adobe Premier Pro + create and upload 1st project on anogustomo.

– Be kind to other people (ahm kinder maybe, hehe)

– Pray more regularly + attend Sunday/Saturday service

By the end of the year, I want to go back to this post and say, “Uy! Nagawa ko lahat yan!” And I’m sharing this to you because at the end of 2011 I want you to be able to tell me, “O, nagawa mo ba yang mga yan? Wag ka nang uutang sakin okay?”