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Prolonging the Weekend

I knew that that afternoon caffeine fix would double my heartbeat by now and might even prevent me from rendering sleep. I drank it anyway – brewed it myself. As a consequence I am now forcing myself to drink several glasses of water.

Whether or not I drink coffee though (which some scientists say doesn’t really keep you from falling asleep) I have this End-of-the-Weekend syndrome wherein I tend to stay up longer the night before the first workday. It’s what I call making the most of time.

I gobble up the tech news on my Flipboard and even care to read repetitive articles on the same topic. I am addicted to tech news, particularly in gadget news, and whenever something I’ve never read pops out on the daily homepage (i.e. Yahoo), I go back to my aggregated news and wonder “how can I have missed that?” I hate being late with the news even if nothing socially relevant happens to me by being updated. The last thing on earth that could happen is find some girl addicted to the same news as me, and we come together and discover from each other what we already know. Hmmm…women are generally not of the techie kind so chance of that happening is absolutely nil.

I play on the iPad too, like a 7-year old boy who just played Playstation for the first time. I enjoy games on the device as much as I’d love to eat.

If not that, I’m usually just thinking – staring at something even if in the dark until I fall asleep. If I’m lucky, some of the things I thought about prior to sleeping are continued in the dream. It usually makes me a bit optimistic in the morning – until traffic comes in on the way to work.

Whatever it is that I do, as long as I exceed my usual sleeping time, I consider it time well-spent even if what I do is do nothing. The payoff is of course in the morning when I wake up feeling deprived from sleep and being late for work and making excuses to your boss.

I manage to write another entry for my primary reader: Me. This gives me a sense of accomplishment tonight. Time well-spent.