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Contrary to when I usually blog about things, I’m not bored nor do I find myself facing a wall. Fact is I feel so energetic, (got up earlier than my dad who usually wakes up at 5am) I want to do so much today. I was even thinking of applying for a driver’s license but the thought of government agencies made me think thrice. The last thing I want to do is ruin this mental celebration of my 30th year.

I am on vacation leave today. I never told the family that, so we got to celebrate my birthday yesterday-with simple lunch and a cake. That’s how I want it: nothing serious, no hype, just an ordinary day. No overgreetings from friends, and no greetings from non-friends. I hope my restriction to not show my birthday on facebook worked. I don’t want random greets. I would rather have one heartfelt greeting from a friend than a thousand random wall posts from people I barely know.

And look at that, I am blogging on the ipad at 6am haha! I just woke up from the floor. Not that I was drinking last night and fell off. This was where I chose to sleep. It’s really nice to be grounded (literally and otherwise).

So today is April 30. I have several things to tell you. One of them is that I am grateful for this life and the elements of it that makes it worth living!


Legs and Mannequins

A few nights ago while walking through a  mall on my way home, I caught myself staring at the bare legs of a mannequin on a window display while pondering about my life. 

I will be turning 30 in a few days, and much like the day of my circumcision, the day I turned 21, the day I graduated from college, and my first payday, it’s an ordinary day and Earth will not stop to pay me tribute. Indeed. Don’t get me wrong. I feel blessed that I even reached this age. I’ve always felt I was going to die young so every single day I wake up is a day to be thankful to my Creator.

So many milestones in my life came in very late. For one, I started first grade when I was seven. Seven. Everyone else were  6, some barely 6. I held a brickgame device when I was in 6th grade when every kid on the block had them when we were in 2nd grade (the latter isn’t entirely a milestone, but you can just imagine how slowly I caught up with the world). I entered college a semester late and finished another semester late. I got a full-time job only a year after graduating from college. I had a girlfriend 3 months shy of my 29th birthday while almost everyone else I knew were either married and have 3 kids or were engaged to their 15th girlfriends. I am very late.

I wanted to catch up with the world, but I feel like I am running on a different time. If everyone else were running ahead of me, then there is no need to hurry. I’ll keep my own pace but I’ll stay in the race. It’s not about finishing first, it’s how you run the race. 

I don’t know how long I stared at the pair of wooden legs by the display window. But it was enough for me to realize everything will unfold in its time. Maybe when I pass by that window tomorrow, the mannequin will have had its skirt.