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Facebook is no longer as cool as Facebook

Thanks to other social platforms that emerged, I have found my share of internet space besides Facebook (for long lost relatives and former enemies to find me).

I’ve noticed very little activity now on fb and most could totally survive a day without it. The rest of the other platforms, though not as huge and famous, still serve their own purposes.

I have:

Twitter – for my little life events, rants, darkest secrets, loud murmurs, non-sense
Instagram – for social photo sharing
Wordpress – for this blog

..and I wanted to keep them all apart (to each his own), sticking to the design of each platform. I don’t buy the idea of fusing everything in one place. So I try.

Are there more non-redundant platforms that are worth a try? Tumblr? Posterous? What else is out there?




Okay so maybe I need a sign

Make that three signs.

I don’t believe in signs (because signs are what you make out of any thing or event). But I just have to believe in something…something that can be seen or felt. Just for a certain period of time before I completely surrender all hope to recover.

It’s not easy reprogramming the mind. The software remains even if the hardware was removed. Well, it’s not even a software anymore. A malware perhaps?

First, whatever it takes, get rid of the malware.

Second, overwrite. This is actually the best, if not the only way, to get rid of the malware.

Third, install a tough antivirus. And always update 😉

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” – Google