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I Found Me on followgram.me – Nice!



All About the French

In a French cultural seminar I attended I asked the speaker if they have French Fries in France.

The speaker said,”No, they don’t.” With a grin I said, “Oh, it’s just fries then?”

“No. They have chips.”

Can you take it all away?

Before you say “Oh no it’s that lyric poster again!” I wanted you to know that from now on I’ll try my very best to post original content and veer away from my LSS posters.

I’m still in the process of understanding what these social platforms are and how you and I can get along pretty well (by “get along,” I mean share things that you might learn from). I wanted to differentiate one from the other although it’s entirely unavoidable to link one media from the other. I am talking about my twitter, instagram, facebook, and wordpress accounts. I won’t try to put things all in one place (the way Google does).

I like to think that this blog is just one ‘bit’ of my life. But that one bit is something we can all share. But lower your expectations for now 😉

Holding My Tongue