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Celebrating My Very Few Gadgets

I’m supposed to blog about the disadvantages of having ‘less ice’ on your soda. But that would come out later I think.

This month I’m celebrating the 2nd year of my Nokia 5800’s existence. I’ve never acquired a gadget that lasted this long. Either they were worn out before they even reach 6 months, or they were stolen. That phone by the way, is annoyingly ubiquitous. Even the fishball vendor has one. It’s the 3310 of this generation! Urgh.

That’s also the reason why I like to flaunt it’s scratches, it’s fading back. The glossy coat is barely even there. I wanted to show off. That I have this phone for a long time now. And that I never waited for the price to lower before buying it. BUT NOT WITHOUT CAREFUL RESEARCH!

Part of my addiction to gadgets is the thrill of studying the features. How flexible can it be? How would it fit my pocket and lifestyle? Is it even hackable? Does it have software support? Is the OS upgradeable? Does it spit out money? Hehe.. ALL those things. The basics. Technical specifications. Connectivity. Interface. Reviews. I’m all addicted to those. To me, it’s the most crucial part. There are tons of choices out there!

Okay, so I realized that my careful study has become fruitful. Take note, I am not the type who is careful about stuff. I already dropped my ipad twice. The first time, thank God, it was inside a bag (yeah, but still!). The second time was when it slipped through my hands as I fell asleep. My phone also had it’s share of misfortunes. It already fell off more than a dozen times. I sat on it once! And it has endured soaking itself in my sweat when on my pocket. It’s been flashed (phone operating system modified) 4 times. That’s a lot of hardware and software abuse don’t you think?

Well the lesson is entirely about: choosing what fits you and knowing you can maximize and abuse ALL its features! I’d say I did and still do. The life of my unstolen gadgets is a proof of that. Now I want to buy a new phone, but find no reason to do so. Mine still does what it should. No limitations. So choose wisely! You’ll soon realize that you will end up saving more.

I’m free for consultations 😉

Good Night! Welcome to August!



Wishing you a good night… Love this song!