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iPad Optimized :)

Here goes!

So a WP iOS app came in handy. So why not take advantage of it’s ipad optimized theme.

Here’s the cover:


And here’s what it looks like when you swipe:


Enjoy! 🙂


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It All Ended.

A good movie house also means having good decent movie goers.

Took this bad shot while the girls are emptying their bladders.

By Your Lonesome

Lyrics from Tonic

Okay back to where I was

I’m writing this in front of my PC to lay out some of my plans.

To Do’s:

– Schedule my physical workouts (#1, Running, #2 Situps etc.)

– Plan a more thorough To Do list (means with deadly deadlines)

– Optimize the use of my ipad for self-improvement (I justified owning one because I was sure I was going to use it as an organizer and a Bible reader back then)

– Create a detailed personal program to pay all debts (excluding SSS loan hehe) by the end of 2011 amounting to about, yep I’ll say it, Pxx,xxx.

– Start saving up

– Reconnect with friends

– Learn Adobe Premier Pro + create and upload 1st project on anogustomo.

– Be kind to other people (ahm kinder maybe, hehe)

– Pray more regularly + attend Sunday/Saturday service

By the end of the year, I want to go back to this post and say, “Uy! Nagawa ko lahat yan!” And I’m sharing this to you because at the end of 2011 I want you to be able to tell me, “O, nagawa mo ba yang mga yan? Wag ka nang uutang sakin okay?”


‘Videographing’ my Artistic Expression

Before I purchase this GE HD videocam, I decided to learn a few video editing basics first. After all, Everything boils down to the end product, the whole picture.

I got interested in videography the very minute I saw DSLR owners wearing their cams like ID tags (I heard this from someone else). Everybody these days owns an SLR (except me). And most owners don’t even know where to find a good subject (No not that Starbucks cup again!).  When you look at some of their shots on Facebook, everything looks pristine. Precise. Polished. They make Divisoria look like a world-class shopping destination.

Once, I borrowed a Canon DSLR and shot randomly at anything I could see. Demn, it made a candy wrapper on the trash bin look like a sad photo composition by Carroll Lewis. And that rusty nuts and bolts I took a shot of, looks purrpek! That very day, I knew, I saved myself about P30,000 for NOT buying an SLR.

With my photography dreams crushed, I decided to take on a bolder, more challenging but less expensive hobby to showcase my God-given artistic craft (haha, right!). I’ll publish some of my compositions here very soon. It will be in high definition. Meaning, every pore of my subjects’ face will be captured. It is a lot harder to modify videos (not without Hollywood training). So I’m betting on keeping everything REAL.

Emotions. Landscapes. Faces. Heaven. Captured. Shared. =)

Gusto mo?

AKO, di naman blogger


The notebook. Na wala namang nakasulat. Ah meron pala. Yun nga lang, puro to do list na hindi naman nagagawa.